Chania Cooking Class
The Authentic

An Authentic Cretan Cooking Experience in Chania

Learn how to cook authentic Cretan foods in a picturesque setting, under the shade of avocado and olive trees in a secluded area of Chania.
You will learn how to cook 5 of the most essential meals of the Mediterranean diet. 

What We'll do

First you are welcomed with a homemade refreshment or a greek coffee from the hostess.

While you’re enjoying your drink and cookies, you will be informed about the mediterranean-based menu.

Oven-roasted lamb is the first dish prepared so it can cook for over 2 hours in the wood-fired stone oven. Learn all about why this dish is called “the thieves dinner” and its historic significance.  

Afterwards, you’ll prepare stuffed vegetables and stuffed grape leaves (dolmades). Gather herbs and veggies from the garden for the stuffing. Rolling grape leaves is a delicate skill that you will master! In the oven they go.

Get your rolling pins out, the dough of the kalitsnounia is next! Roll out the dough for these traditional pies and fill them with cheese and wild greens. 

Appetizers are prepared last but enjoyed first. Tzatziki and dakos. These simple yet delicious dishes are sure to be your favorite snacks to recreate at home. 

Finally!!Time to eat! Enjoy all of the beautiful traditional Cretan dishes you’ve created with copious amounts of local wine.

Make sure you leave room for dessert! Something sweet is always offered at the end. 

Enjoy it!

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Schedule & Pricing

Cooking Class is offered daily at 10:00am or at 4:00pm.
On Monday and Friday is offered at 4:00pm
If the date and time you are interested in is not available in our booking app, contact me to see if we can find a solution.
Prior reservation is required at least 12 hours in advance.  Duration is approximately 4.5 hours.
Group classes are a minimum of 2 participants and up to 16. Solo travelers, please message us to book. For large groups, please message us for availability and discounts. 

       Low Season(16/11-15/3)           

Adults: 90€ pp       

Children (5-12): 45€ pp    

        High Season(16/3-15/11)           

Adults: 105€ pp       

Children (5-12): 50€ pp    

We accept cash and credit cards. Payment can be made at the completion of the cooking class.

For any inquiries or question please check our Contact Methods and our FAQ.

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